Youth Religious Education- Kindergarten thru High School





Please note: All students in grades 1-8 will be expected to complete this year’s work before moving up to the next grade level

Kindergarten through 8th grade
Sundays, 10:30–11:45am
Mondays, 4:45–6pm
Wednesdays, 4:45–6pm – cancelled, except for 8th grade

9th – 12th Grade Students with Fr. Gould
Sunday afternoons, 4–5pm
Mondays, 5–6pm
Class is held in Our Lady of Victory Hall. The same weekly class will be taught during each session, to accommodate those teens who need to adjust schedules with sports and school commitments. Father Gould’s Sunday class is livestreamed from 4-5pm for those teens who wish to attend virtually.

11th and 12th grade students with Fr. Heisler 
Mondays, 5 – 6pm
Class is held in Knight of Columbus Hall

HOMESCHOOL OPTION for 1st through 8th Grades:
All homeschooled students will be enrolled in the My Catholic Faith Delivered on-line program and will receive a textbook. Students will be asked to keep up with weekly assignments. All students are required to complete their grade-level coursework before advancing to the next grade level. The catechists and Director of Religious Education will monitor progress and assist you throughout the year.

PARENT RESOURCE – My Catholic Faith Delivered – Intro – Getting Started

HOMESCHOOL OPTION for High school:
9th through 12th grade students may be registered for the online Didache series (through My Catholic Faith Delivered) if parents request this option. Father Gould’s classes will be livestreamed from 4-5pm.

$100 for the first child and $25 dollars for each additional child in the family.
No Sacrament fees. Catechists and assistants receive free tuition.
Children who are homeschooled and receive in-class instruction will pay the same fee.


CLICK HERE for Registration Form.

Registration form must be downloaded and filled out at returned to the RE office via paper submission. There is no on-line registration.

Payment must accompany registration form with cash or check.
Payment can also be made on-line, CLICK HERE for Parish Giving. A receipt from Parish Giving must be attached to the registration form.

Due to low registration, all Wednesday classes, with the exception of 8th Grade, have been cancelled.
The 8th Grade Class on Sunday is closed.

The 6th Grade Class on Monday is closed.



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