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Dear Folks,

We are all making adjustments in this age of the pandemic, but I’m impressed by our parishioner’s resolve to continue our Lord’s good work in your homes and here at the parish.

As we look forward to the fall, local counties have decided to move to all-virtual learning for the first semester, and perhaps for the entire year. Of course, we are no longer surprised when “Plan B” goes into effect; we should always be prepared to make modifications in areas we have already endured during the last four months.

Our goal is to begin the year utilizing our classroom space, offering in-class instruction each week to the children in kindergarten through high school. Classes are scheduled to begin the week of September 27.

We will also offer all parents the option to homeschool their children this year. Diocesan policy states that children in sacrament preparation years (Grades 1 and 2 for First
Holy Communion; and, Grades 7 and 8 for Confirmation) who attend non-Catholic schools are required to attend religious education classes at the parish. Due to this year’s extenuating circumstances, the requirement for in-class instruction is waived;
however, students are required to complete coursework with parents at home. The catechists and Director of Religious Education will monitor progress and assist you throughout the year. All students (in grades 1-8) will be expected to complete this
year’s work before moving up to the next grade level.

We will register all children in first through eighth grades, whether homeschooled or attending classes at the Education Center, for the Faith and Life online textbook series through the My Catholic Faith Delivered Program. (There will not be a formal homeschool program for kindergarten children; however, in-class instruction will be offered during all sessions.)

High school students will be registered for the online Didache series (through My Catholic Faith Delivered) if parents request this option.

We hope to offer some virtual lessons for the families who choose to homeschool, but this will depend on the availability of our volunteer catechists.

To reduce any undue burden on our families during this difficult time, tuition rates have been simplified. No sacrament fees will be added. Tuition fees begin at $100 for the first child and $25 dollars for each additional child in the family. Catechists and assistants receive free tuition. Children who are homeschooled and receive in-class instruction will pay the same fee.

We welcome all children in the parish back to the program, even if you’ve been away for a while. If your child has missed some of their sacraments or your family is dealing with special circumstances, please direct your questions or concerns to our Director of Religious Education, Mrs. Kim Livaudais, who is very happy to help:, 540-338-6381, x.115.

I look forward to seeing you and the young folks very soon. Let us pray for one another.

Yours in Christ, Fr. G


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