MAC-PAC Middle Schoolers

MAC-PAC ~ Middle Schoolers Acting for Christ: Prayer  Action  Charity

The middle-school youth group, MAC-PAC was off to a great start in 2019. Dan and Lindsay Glass led the group through fun, social, and charitable events with great participation from our middle-schoolers.

The focus of this group is to provide middle-school-aged children with opportunities to strengthen their relationship with God, to encourage them to stay true to their Catholic beliefs, to help them foster healthy friendships, and to serve God by serving others.

At MAC-PAC, through prayer, action, and charity, they will come to know and love God in a more personal way and experience the importance of fellowship.

Dan and Lindsay are looking for parents to assist at monthly meetings and service events.  They are also looking for ways to provide service to the community.  If you have a connection to a charitable organization or you know of someone who could use some help, their contact information can be found in the bulletin.


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