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Organ Students in Concert – Success!

Congratulations to the Parish Organ Students in their recent performance.  Full concert is below:

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Letter from the Music Director

On the weekend of July 12th, music will be returning to our Sunday Masses at 8:30 am and 10:30 am, this note will discuss how that is to take shape.

There is a concern that congregational singing significantly increases the transmission of virus germs.   Unfortunately, because of this risk, for the time being we will not encourage congregational singing.  Instead, singing will be led by the cantor and will be limited to the entrance, responsorial psalm, Gospel acclamation, offertory procession, communion procession, and instrumental music.    The congregation should listen attentively to the singing.   An important note on the responsorial psalm:  the nature of the psalm is such that it ought to be sung when possible – the very act of singing  is a great help towards understanding the spiritual meaning.  Under normal circumstances, the preferred method is responsorial singing, in which the congregation sings the refrain. There is another option, known as direct singing, in which the cantor sings the psalm alone and the congregation listens (c.f. Lectionary, 20).  We will be using this second option of direct singing for the near future.  Please do keep in mind that the psalm is still a “responsorial psalm”, and though we cannot respond with voices, we should still respond with our hearts and minds.    We will apply this same practice to the Alleluia and its corresponding verse.

Let this be our approach towards this challenging time in which we have limits set on our participation, that what is lacking in our ability to respond externally, we can take as a challenge to focus on our inward response.  We could apply this idea to gestures as well as song.  Perhaps, since I cannot give the sign of peace to my brother, sister, husband, wife, I can take the missing opportunity to give them a spiritual sign of peace inwardly at Mass and then externally, later.  It is both a right and duty of the faithful to fulfill their liturgical role through full, conscious, and active participation.  Unfortunately, we cannot do this now in ways that we are used to, like singing and shaking hands.  However, it is important to remember that this participation has not only an outward, but also an inward element.  While both elements are needed, it is actually the inward response that has the greater place.  When we join our minds and hearts to what we hear, we cooperate with heavenly grace (c.f. Musicam Sacram, 15).

I hope that by bringing back some elements of the music, that we will be brought closer to our Lord in worship and more fully united in community.

Michael Galdo

Night Prayer Hymns

We encourage you to join us on your computer or mobile device for morning, evening, and night prayer.  Occasionally we have been singing Te lucis ante terminum  as our night prayer hymn, and Ave Regina Caelorum as our Marian antiphon.  Here are some helpful items if you would like to sing along:

Recording of Te lucis ante terminum

Recording of Ave, Regina Caelorum

Words and music on a songsheet


Witness provides music for the Sunday 5:00 pm Teen Mass. Witness primarily plays modern contemporary style music to encourage the “full, active, conscious participation” of the youth. Rehearsals are held at 4pm on Sundays prior to Mass. Adults and youth, 8th grade and up, who sing or play an instrument, are welcome to join. Please contact Kevin Bills,

Chorus Angelorum

One of the spiritual works of mercy is to pray for the living and the dead.  Would you like to sing in a choir for funerals?  Chorus Angelorum assists in singing the hymns and acclamations at funerals.  The choir works in conjunction with the cantor and organist to support the family of the deceased with song and prayers.  Funerals are typically at 10 am in the morning with only a few days’ notice.  Please contact Jean Fenwick, or 703-966-7934, if you are interested in joining.


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