Women’s Faith Ministry

Join the Women’s Faith Ministry as we ponder the mysteries of the Rosary together this year.


Tuesday Nights from 7:30 – 9pm

We will study one mystery a week while familiarizing ourselves with our Bibles.  Our hope is that as the months progress, each bead will become its own precious, personal symbol for you- forevermore reminding you of how you encountered Jesus in His Word when you studied that mystery.

The resource we will be using is Take Up & Read’s PONDER, which is available on Amazon here:

There will be time for fellowship, prayer intentions, and to pray that decade of the Rosary together.

By honoring the goodness of this prayer tradition we hope to bring each mystery to life in a personal, memorable way so that when you are finished, you will have engraved all of them on your heart.

We will begin with the Joyful Mysteries on September 18th

To sign up email katiemagin@gmail.com or jen@thehouses.us or call 571-271-2515.


Calendar for 2018-2019

 September 18th – Introduction to How to Pray the Rosary pages 9-17 and 162-164

Joyful Mysteries

September 25th – Annunciation pages 19-27

October 2nd – The Visitation pages 28-33

October 9th – The Nativity pages 34-39

October 16th – The Presentation in the Temple pages 40-45

October 23rd – The Finding in the Temple pages 46- 53


Luminious Mysteries 

November 6th – The Baptism in the Jordan pages 56-63

November 13th – The Wedding Feast at Cana pages 64-69

November 27th – The Preaching in the Kingdom pages 70-75

December 4th – The Transfiguration pages 76-81

December 11th – The Institution of the Eucharist pages 82-89


Glorious Mysteries 

January 15th – The Resurrection pages 130-135

January 22nd – The Ascension pages 136-141

January 29th – The Decent of the Holy Spirit pages 142-147

February 5th – The Assumption pages 148-153

February 12th – The Crowning of Mary Queen of Heaven pages 154-161


Sorrowful Mysteries 

March 12th – The Agony in the Garden pages 91-99

March 19th – The Scourging at the Pillar pages 100-105

March 26th – The Crowning with Thorns pages 106-111

April 2nd – The Carrying of the Cross pages 112-117

April 9th – The Crucifixion pages 118-125


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