Usher Ministry – New Way to Serve

New Way to Serve – Auxiliary Usher Program

In order to better facilitate our Masses and assist and greet our Mass goers, the Parish has an Usher Ministry. The Usher ministry currently is in need of additional members and anyone who is interested should contact Joh Metrey. It is realized that some people’s schedules prohibit them from committing to attending a particular Mass on a regular basis and are not able to serve as ushers. For people in this situation, a new program, the Auxiliary Usher Program, is being initiated. The Auxiliary Usher Program will allow those who want to serve, but whose schedules prevent them from committing to a regular Mass, to serve as usher when they are available. If interested and for additional details on this new program, please contact Jon Metrey [email protected] or Pat Orender [email protected]



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