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The focus of the Respect Life ministry is to educate and deepen the respect of human life from birth to death. We promote this here at St. Francis as well as the community in general by participating in the annual March for Life, promoting awareness of outreach programs for pregnancy support agencies, e.g., Project Gabriel, Lifeline, Birthright; abortion healing; and care for the elderly and dying. The committee promotes advocacy on the national, state and local levels to adopt laws that defend and protect human life. And finally, encourage prayer among our parishioners to promote a “Culture of Life” and respect for human dignity

Find the latest updates on upcoming events, facts and statistics on life issues on the Arlington Diocese Website

PROJECT RACHEL (from the Project Rachel website) 
Abortion is a life changing event that affects many individuals emotionally, spiritually and physically. You may have experienced the need to find healing right after your abortion or, for some of you, it may have taken many years to come to this place.The truth is that you have suffered a traumatic loss – and that loss is real. With abortion, society does not provide a public way to grieve this loss. With no way to process this loss, the wound caused by abortion often remains unhealed and becomes a secret sorrow carried alone and without support.

You may be suffering from guilt, sadness, isolation, nightmares, addictions, eating disorders, anxiety or other negative emotions and behaviors. Many women and men are surprised at the emotions they experience after abortion which can include but certainly are not limited to those mentioned above.

Start your journey today… There is hope. There is help.  If you or someone you know is suffering after abortion please consider contacting our helpline: (888) 456-HOPE or email us at [email protected]


GABRIEL PROJECT (from the Gabriel Project website)
The Gabriel Project seeks to uphold the dignity of every person– helping women realize that they are capable of achieving their biggest dreams. Gabriel Angels are women who are committed to empowering other women by helping them realize the true beauty in motherhood: it is not only self-sacrificing, but also a  life  mission far bigger and greater. Gabriel Angels will be your friend and walk with you step by step through your pregnancy as you navigate these unknown waters. Gabriel Angels respond in an unconditionally loving and non-judgmental manner, and will offer their assistance to all of the women who call the Gabriel Project. Please call 866-444-3553 or visit website at [email protected]

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