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Do you want to better understand and love Scripture but don’t know where to start? Please watch this brief, two-minute welcome video from Dr. Nick Lebish about the Catholic Biblical School with a few brief testimonials of current students.

This unique program is definitely worth checking out!

Do you want to join but are not sure of what the class will be like? Dr. Nick welcomes you to attend his first coupld of classes and see for yourself. Official classes begin Wednesday, September 13 at 9:30 am and 6:30 pm in the gym.



The Catholic Biblical School completely changed my life in Christ, but it took me 3 years before I got up the courage to enter a class.  Once I did, the Word of God come alive for me, like great fireworks across the sky, and I was blessed to be able to share my journey of faith with many wonderful people! When graduation came, it was with great joy, and yet I still wanted more. So let the Holy Spirit into your heart, and come join the adventure!  ~ Debby V.

Biblical School has been the single greatest influence on the way I participate in the Mass. It is so exciting to hear a passage, recognize it and put it in context. I feel like the travelers on the Road to Emmaus when they said, “Were not our hearts burning while he spoke…and opened the scriptures to us?” I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend Catholic Biblical School. ~ Barbara F.

I have tried several times to read the Bible from cover to cover.  I wouldn’t get very far and would feel totally lost and would quit. The instructors are so knowledgeable and the study guides and books we have really help to understand better the word of God.  Not only have I grown in my knowledge of the Bible, but I’ve grown to love the Catholic Church and it’s teachings even more.  The Catholic Biblical School is truly a blessing! ~ Cindy S.

My experience with the Biblical School course has been the best gift I could have given myself!  Learning the background and the history tied to Bible was, for me, the parts of the puzzle that were missing in my greater perception of God! Thank you so much for the great teachers that share their knowledge with us, they are phenomenal people! ~ Diane G.

When I read St Jerome’s quote “ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ” I knew I needed more than the Sunday mass readings. Praise God for bringing the Biblical School to my attention. I now have a much richer and loving understanding of the merciful God who loves us, cares for us and who will never leave us or forsake us. Thank you CBS for the knowledge brought forth to those seeking. ~ Dorothy H.

Never have the words of St. Jerome, “ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ” been more evident. It’s difficult to put into words the transforming power the Catholic Biblical School has and continues to have. I literally leave class in complete wonder of the beauty contained in Scripture. My only regret is not having discovered this hidden treasure much sooner! Please, give yourself the greatest gift you’ll ever receive and break open Scripture with the Catholic Biblical School. ~ Frank S.

I truly felt that the Holy Spirit guided me to attend the Catholic Biblical School. Though initially I was hesitant to commit to 4 years of study, my uncertainty was quickly eliminated after my very first class. As the precious stories unfolded, with the guiding hand of our instructors, the stories came to life and my understanding of the deep roots of our faith was beautifully  illuminated. What began as a simple exercise to learn more about the Bible, has become a treasure that I continue to cherish, especially as I listen to the words of the gospel at Mass. ~ Irene L.

The Catholic Biblical School was a life changing experience for me that I credit with starting my reversion. The quality instructors really opened up the message and purpose of every book of the Bible, making it easy to understand and showing fascinating details and connections that tie the whole Bible together. I can’t believe I lived so much of my life in ignorance of the Bible. I highly recommend the School to everyone I meet. ~ Jason F.





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