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Sandy Regan

Diane Taylor
Vice President

Hercilia “Hershey” Youngblood

Gail Donohue

Jaclyn Jenkins

Maggie Uddin

~ still needed ~
Funeral Reception Event  Coordinator

We would love your help! Interested in joining our Executive Team? We are still looking for someone to help with either the Secretary or Marketing role for 2022. A little help goes a long way and we are always here to support each other. Please let us know if you would be interested.

2022 Election: Vice President, Treasurer, Communications
2023 Election: President, Secretary, Marketing, Funeral Reception Event Coordinator

Elections will be held in May of 2023.
Attendance is required to vote.


  • Main point of contact with the priest
  • Establish the needs of the church
  • Communicate with other ministries, including working with their event calendars
  • Call meetings to order
  • Finalize events throughout the year
  • Keep the council in alignment with the mission and goals
  • Coordinate with the executive team and to help other team members when in need


Vice President-

  • The next point of contact with the priest when the President is unavailable
  • Assist the President with the coordination efforts
  • Act as volunteer coordinator to create relationships amongst women in our parish
  • Encourage volunteers to join our program and participate in volunteering
  • Train volunteers on their assigned tasks



  • Main point of contact with the business manager and church accountant
  • Keep track budgets, receipts, profit & loss, etc.
  • Run monthly reports for the executive meeting
  • Train volunteers specific to selling merchandise including using the square, tracking receipts, and submitting cash/checks
  • Responsible for getting petty cash from business manager in advance
  • Counting money at the end of each event
  • Checks and balances



  • Creating an agenda for upcoming meetings
  • Taking minutes during the meeting and distributing them to the executive team
  • Updating suggested calendar of events
  • Reserving space for meetings and events
  • Running AV and Music



  • Main point of contact with the church’s communication manager and with office manager
  • Managing email communication
  • Create sign up geniuses for each event



  • Promote upcoming events
  • Design promotional materials
  • Create weekly emails, flyers, ads, etc.
  • Submitting information to the Bulletin, Facebook page, and CCTV
  • Printing flyers, sign, etc.
  • Updating the website


Funeral Reception Event Coordinator- 

  • Support coordination of funeral receptions
  • Gather, organize & distribute information to a team of people who provide refreshments





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