Saturday, March 28

March 28, 2020

Good Morning, Good Morning,

God bless one and all.  In yesterday’s letter the focus was on the features of the Church “Outside the Box” of our little home in the hills of Northern Loudoun.  Today’s segment is on the features, “Inside the Box” of the parish.   In this letter I originally intended to print the fourth installment of the diocesan regulations, and or, restrictions in the coming Holy Week/ Easter week but decided otherwise due to some impending concerns for our “Vulnerable” parishioners.  Let that diocesan liturgical regulations hold until tomorrow.

1.  In recent days a number of folks have written to me about concerns for the vulnerable  in the parish and how we can reach out to assist them in their needs for either shopping or transportation to the doctors.  They must be, and always will be, our first priority.  I am sure many of our seniors and homebound have relatives who would love to visit or take them away from here but are restricted with the concerns for the Coronovirus, COVID-19.  At this point, all who have contacted me in the past and all interested in the present should please contact me at  and we will initiate a parish apostolate to reach and respond to the vulnerable parishioners.  The committee members/volunteers with E-Mails and telephone numbers will be listed on the parish website, under the service to the needs of the vulnerable in the parish.  We will identify the apostolate members as the, “Guardian Angels,” for that is what they will be.

2.  Once again, we are adjusting the parish schedules for the continued lockdown of the parish Masses/ Programs.  Mr. Fred Duca and his computer service program have been a tremendous help in getting the church camera in sync with the audio system.  Yesterday I offered a memorial Mass for the mother of one of my classmates in Iowa who died this past week.  It was awkward, giving a homily to an empty church, without body or family to grieve.  They were all a thousand miles away.  In various places of the Iowa lockdown they could see and hear the Mass offered for their good mother.



Starting tomorrow all Masses offered in the Church will presented on

All other services and spiritual devotions will be handled through Fr. Heisler’s computer.



3.  Please know that during the Coronavirus Pandemic all parishioners are granted by Bishop Michael Burbidge a dispensation from their Sunday obligation to attend Mass.  They may connect with the church camera and watch Mass offered on the internet.   But, the Masses offered in church, during the pandemic, are private and not open to the public.  The doors will be locked only during the Mass.  They will be open at all other times for adoration hours or personal visits.   What a world to which we have come.  My heavens.  Let us pray for one another.

4.  The Sunday Masses will be offered from the Church at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM.

5.  Weekday Masses will be offered at 6:30 AM and 8 AM.

6.  Saturday Mass will be offered at 9 AM

I am sorry to say the Church doors will be locked during all Mass times for the duration of the pandemic.

 7.   The confession Schedules are modified so as not to conflict with the Mass Schedules.  All confessions will be heard in the Catholic Education Center

  • Sunday thru Thursday:  Noon and 7 PM
  • Friday:  (10:30 AM; from our normal schedule) and 7 PM

8.   Adoration Hours:

  • Saturday (Including Sunday) thru Thursday:  3-7 PM.
  • Friday:  1 PM thru Saturday 8 AM.

9.  Liturgy of the Hours and Rosary (from Fr. Heisler’s Computer:)

  • 7:30 AM  Morning Prayer
  • 5 PM  Evening prayer
  • 8:30 PM Rosary
  • 9 PM Night Prayer

10.   Fr. Heisler’s Course on Prayer each Monday and Tuesday Nights at 7 PM
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