Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary meets every Tuesday, 7pm in the Library (Parish Education Center)

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Why you may become a PTAA member??
(a) to be independent of alcohol in order to do good; (b) to make reparation for the sins of self-indulgence, including their own sins;
(c) to win, through prayer and self-sacrifice, grace and help for those who drink excessively and for those who suffer as a result of excessive drinking.

For Thy greater glory and consolation, O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
for Thy sake to give good example to practice self-denial,
for reparation to Thee for the sins of intemperance
For the conversion of excessive drinkers, I
will abstain from intoxicating drinks.

About the Legion of Mary
The object of the Legion is the glory of God through the holiness of its members developed by prayer and active apostolic work. Read more …


Frequently Asked Questions

You Can Have the Pilgrim Virgin Statue in your Home
Hosting the Pilgrim Virgin statue is a beautiful way to honor Jesus and Our Lady, to invite God’s blessings into your home and to unite your family in prayer. Read more …|

Enthronement Ceremony
The blessing of the picture or statue. Read more …

Devotion of the First Five Saturdays
An explanation of the conditions contained in Our Lady’s request regarding the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays of the Month. Read more … 



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