Adult Religious Formation

Why Adult Religious Education?

Pope Benedict XVI repeatedly stressed the need for adult catechesis. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the Catholic Church is faced with a two-fold challenge. We are witnessing not only the lack of awareness of God and the great doctrines of the Catholic Church, but also the inability of those who profess Him to communicate their faith to others.

Before Catholics can be the light of Christ to a world in darkness, they themselves first must formed in the knowledge of the Truth which saves. On February 23, 2012 Pope Benedict commented to the priests in Rome:

One great problem facing the Church today is the lack of knowledge of the faith, ‘religious illiteracy’…With such lilteracy we cannot grow. … Therefore we must reappropriate the contents of the faith, not as a packet of dogmas and commandments, but as a unique reality revealed in all its profoundness and beauty. We must do everything possible for catechetical renewal in order for the faith to be known, God to be known, Christ to be known, the truth to be known, and for unity in the truth to grow. Many adults have never gone beyond the first catechesis, meaning that ‘they cannot – as adults, with competence and conviction – explain and elucidate the philosophy of the faith, its great wisdom and reationality’ in order to illuminate the minds of others. To do this they need an ‘adult faith.’

Adult Religious Education at St. Francis

St. Francis de Sales offers  different opportunities for adults to further their Catholic education.  For any information about the different adult education opportunities please contact Kimberly Livaudais, DRE, at [email protected].




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