May 2

Parish letter May 2nd

Good Morning, Good Morning,
The enclosed letter is dedicated to all the parishioners who have been adopted. God bless them, their real parents, and their adoptive families. There is no greater love than adopting a young one.
The Orphan Trains. A must watch by the collegians.

Orphan Train

Among the characters mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures there is only one individual who was formally adopted. And in his case by a gentile parent rather than Jew. His name was Galio. He was the judge in Corinth, dealing with the Christian community animosity directed at St. Paul. He and his brother, Seneca, tutor to the children of Emperor Nero, were born in Cordoba, Spain. They were adopted by the famed Roman Orator, Seneca. Allow for one of the great mysteries of history. When St .Paul was sent to Rome in chains he was placed in the Jail of Rome rather than the prison. The jail was a mere two hundred yards from Nero’s Palace… and Seneca the tutor. The prison was outside of town.

In recent history when the bodies of Peter and Paul were discovered there was an interesting disparity in how the two martyrs dressed for their departure from this world. Peter was dressed in sackcloth and Paul in silk, adorned with purple and Gold. The visitors to Peter were simple folks. Those who visited Paul, on the other hand, may well have been the wealthy and well-established of Rome. There is a thought that the two adopted brothers, under Paul’s influence, themselves became Christians. And were ultimately martyred for the Faith.

A number of my own family members were adopted. My grandmother, lived in the orphanage staffed by the sisters of Mother Cabrini. She actually met Mother Cabrini. My sister, adopted from Korea. My sister in law adopted in Iowa. And four cousins, one adopted from Ireland and the rest in Chicago. For our family they are all like frosting on the cake.

One of my former students was adopted from Russia. She can never return to Russia as they still consider her a citizen who still retains civil obligations to the Russian State. Upon arrival they might just keep her… in jail.

There is a wonderful movie that comes out every Christmas that offers a story about the members of a US Ship, named USS Point Cruz, adopting an Amerasian orphan at the end of the Korean War. The child was abandoned in a garbage pile and discovered by an American sailor. With the great influence of the ship’s chaplain, Ltjg. Edward O. Riley, the child was endeared to the Captain of the ship as well as his thousand man crew. The baby was ultimately adopted by one of the doctors on board and brought to America. The movie is unavailable at this time. But I offer the documentary on the crew meeting their adoptee… forty years later.

It is a must-watch. 1000 Men Raise a Baby…

Let us pray for one another.


The Month of May is when we honor our Mother Mary. So I leave you this video.
Song of Bernadette




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