May 17

Sunday,  May 17th

Good evening, Good evening,

This letter arrives late today because I fell sound asleep after the two Masses with people arriving for Communion after Mass.  Plus I served as a witness to the great work of the Knights of Columbus in their collection for the food pantry in Leesburg.  They and the many who came with bags and bags of food were an inspiration to one and all.  God bless them. 

Father John “Bird Man of Purcellville” Heisler is the inspiration for this letter.  The back yard of the rectory is currently filled with all sorts of little flying creatures of many many colors and sounds.  The robins with brown vests, cardinals and their red color is offset by the blue jays and blue birds.  Yellow finches fight over the food at the bird feeder.  And the humming bird feeder waits alone for the little humming birds darting in lateral and horizontal directions.  The wood pecker is doing it’s best on tapping all the trees behind the rectory.  And three very large wild turkeys run through the yard in the morning… before Rex is awake.  And, late in the evening we can hear the owl sitting somewhere between the parish offices and Academic Center. 

The hawks in sky over the front yard of the rectory are quite beautiful.  And the turkey vultures and large black crows offer their own reminder that theirs is a world that hunts it’s prey in order to survive.  One large crow took a low swoop towards Rex this morning and I don’t think he noticed. I leave you a beautiful pdf file on the birds of Loudoun County.  It is listed with the attachments above.

Despite the great rush for opening the doors for Communion at Church there were few complications today.  Many thanks to the Knights of Columbus in helping to set an orderly pattern for all to receive Communion after Mass.  Let’s do it all over again next Sunday.  I enclose my notes from the rush hour parish letter, last night. 

We are committed to the single families coming for First Communion Masses on the weekends at  8:30, 10:30, and now… 12:15 PM in the coming Sunday Masses.

Masses will still be available by Vimeo,

 You can reach the Vimeo connection on the parish website.  CLICK HERE to get to the correct webpage on the website  The system will take you to the church camera site.

Forty-five minutes following the beginning of each Mass Communion sites will be opened in the front foyer of the church and the parish academic center for all parishioners who would like to receive Communion.  It is presumed they watched the Mass on Vimeo before coming for Communion.  The times for Communion sites will be:

9:15- 10AM

11:15- Noon

1:00 -1:45 PM 

Procedure for receiving.  Keep 6’ distance and masks are preferred.  Enter the Door on the Right and go forward to the priest.  Upon receiving go right or left down the hallway in the academic center. 

In the church, upon receiving turn right and exist by the Chapel door.  Or turn left and exit the door opposite those you entered. 

Heresy of the week.  Some poor innocent mother called all upset that the word was going out that individual confirmations were taking place without informing the parents.  Everyone take a step back.  First Communions are taking place on an individual basis and the parents have been informed about those.  Always less than ten people. 

As the rumors go they tend to grow and some poor soul confused many other folks by assuming Confirmations were taking place on an individual basis.  I will leave it to Mrs. Livaudais, DRE, to speak to you on the requirements of Confirmation candidates. 

Speaking of Confirmations, Bishop Burbidge has granted authorization to the pastors, of the parishes where confirmations were recently cancelled due to the pandemic, to confirm their students in the time period between now and the end of December. 

Again, in response to the false rumor, let everyone please take a step back. Please know, if there are going to be any rumors starting in the parish I am the one who is going to start them.  Please stay tuned.  In reference to a date for Confirmation I would like to wait until the pandemic passes.  As is often the case in Confirmations, the sponsors join the event from distant locations.  Let’s hold off until the pandemic passes where all can travel in greater safety.  God bless one and all.

CLICK HERE for a a copy of the bishop’s letter 

I was just chatting with my mother a few minutes ago and she told me a cute story my niece, Sr. Mary Margaret, OP, was telling her students on line.  The story was the Little Sisters of the Poor and their difficult Winter with little coal to heat the convent.  And they prayed to St. Joseph for his intervention.  The following night the passing train, behind the convent derailed in wiped out the back wall of the convent filling the yard with… wait for it… wait for it… Coal.  The train company offered to repair the wall and clean up the coal.  The sisters, with a shiver, smiled, and said the wall would be enough and they would take care of the coal.  God bless St. Joseph.  God bless the Little Sisters of the Poor, and God bless that little Dominican niece of mine.  Let us pray for one another.  God bless one and all.  Good night. 

Fr. G.



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