March 30

March 30, 2020

Good Evening, Good Evening,

God bless the one and the many on such a beautiful day, tis the finest since September last.  All disrupted with the announcement by the governor of a Shutdown for all the Commonwealth until the coming June 10th.  It makes me wonder what is so special about June 10th.  As good a day as any for us to come out our little arks we call homes.

Well back to the governor.  I enclose his actual statement below as the news reports are jaundiced with their covering the dictate from the Medical Governor… please excuse the pun.  The question of the night that affects us so dearly.  Are we going to cancel Adoration and Confessions until June 10th.  No, little Virginia, not today but perhaps after Easter.   Section 1.f  “Individuals may leave their residences travelling to or from their place of worship and work.”  To lockdown the spiritual devotions of the mighty Virginians would be tantamount to plugging a broken fire hydrant with silly putty.  No, pray God, not before Easter.  The statement tonight does not restrict our little home in the hills of North Loudoun.  Let us be glad for that.  We still hold the ground where God and man meet in the Box and adoration seals the broken seems of our marriages and families.  Let us pray for the Lord to save us from the deadly Coronavirus for that is what it is.  Let us never stop praying for one another.

Now for a little lighter venue.  I have been waiting for a while to tell this story, and stories like a good wine, improve over time.  Yesterday was the anniversary where the English Parliament voted to punish the American colonists for their disruptive attitude in light of royal civility.  And there is the rub in the story.  The Saga of el Heisler Manage.  The lost legends of the Heisler family from Normandy, France.

Normandy, one of the great centers of Europe with a valiant spirit was in the heart of North Eastern France, along the English Channel.  It had a history where the Celts would meet the Danes and Vikings would be tamed by the Francs.  It was the home of William the Conqueror and training ground for a French Pope, Urban II, who himself called upon the Knights of Normandy to go to the First Crusade in 1096.  They were a people of Faith who demonstrated great courage and wit in their poetry and plays.

During the French Revolution the Catholic ancestors of Fr. Heisler sought to secure the safety of their sacred  progeny by stealing them away to the far seas.  They wouldn’t dare try for the French outposts  of Canada, where there were wild Indians and settlements affected by the battles with the newly founded independent colony to the South.  West was not the option for security.  Using the maps of Amerigo Vespucci, 16th century Italian navigator, who discovered the line of stars called the Southern Cross, they courageously crossed below the 35th Southern Latitude pushing farther along the West Coast of Africa.

The Norman fleet sailed along the lower Atlantic Ocean, past the Gulf of Guinea.  Further South still until they crossed under the stormy seas of South Africa and on to the open seas of the Southern Indian Ocean.  With the help of the angels they found the French Colony that inhabited the Island Mauritia.  And that is where the story begins.

Ten years earlier the French marauders around Mauritia harangued the British shipping from the Far East.  And they were quite effective in their disruptions.  In the loss of many ships with the great cargos of Tea the British were forced to raise the taxes on the precious cargos that arrived in… wait for it… wait for it… , Boston.  The agitation of higher taxes produced the Boston Tea Party in 1773.  The punishing response from the British Government was the catalyst that created the Colonial reaction which came to be known as the American Revolution.

The French of Mauritia were a proud group that embraced the ancestors of our good priest.  They were bound by Faith and bonded by marriage.  Many would stay and others would return to France before the British would dominate the island.  It is a great story…

And now, allow a return to the story of Amerigo Vespucci.  The early cartographers attached his name to the earliest maps of exploration in the New World.  Hence the name Amerigo came to be identified with our home country, America.  How difficult it would have become for all of us  if the cartagrophers utilized his last name on the maps of the New World.   We would now be singing, “God Bless Vespuccia,”  Oh my,  But I digress.  Thank the heavens the Heislers went South and eventually came to America.  Let us pray for one another.

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