March 22

March 22, 2020

Good morning, Good morning,

Today is Laetare Sunday.  As the penances and fasts of the ancient church may have become rather severe for many of the faithful they risked the harm of broken health.  Thus, three weeks before the coming of Easter the Church sets a day to help folks reinvigorate themselves as Jesus moves on to Calvary, Death, and Resurrection.

In Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Old Catholic churches flowers may appear on the high altar and the organ may be played as a solo instrument. Priests are given the option to wear rose-colored vestments at Mass held on this day in place of the violet vestments normally worn during Lent. The term “rose” is used to describe this lighter shade of the color violet in the Roman Rite.

The Sunday is considered a day of relaxation from normal Lenten rigors; a day of hope with Easter at last within sight. Traditionally, weddings (otherwise banned during Lent) could be performed on this day, and servants were released from service for the day to visit their mothers (hence ‘Mothering Sunday’).”

On this Sunday I want to introduce you to several resources to allow you to see and reflect on the Sunday Readings at Home.  The are:

1.      The readings provided on the website for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.   It is quite simple in finding the readings of the day.  There are also commentaries for your review.

2.     The readings provided from the website titled, “Laudate.”  It is a free APP you can find at Google/Play Store.  You can reach on your desktop, laptop, and phone.  It is very good.

3.     The best commentaries on the Sunday readings can be found at:  The Sacred Page.

Now, if you really want to think outside the box… you can have your relatives call in to the website, Zoom, and say the rosary each night at the same time.  Friends of mine are doing that in Chicago each night at 8:00 PM.  You may have to get one of your kids set it up for you.  It is pretty simple.  And it should be free.   Good hunting.

With this letter we are going to add a section, “Daily Prayer List.”  At this time I list the names of Mrs. Mary Jo Corcoran from recent surgery and the true Shut-Ins of the parish. Let us pray for them

As a carry over for our conversation on the Mother Teresa Garden Project I note the ongoing work of our Knights of Columbus.  Job well done that demonstrates one of the reasons why I am a Knight and encourage others to join the ranks.  God bless one and all.  KofC Report on Donations to the Food Pantry in Leesburg.

Your Knights of Columbus Council with the support and generosity of the Parishioners of St Francis de Sales this year since August have donated 18,124 pounds of food and in the last two months has donated $1,563 dollars in cash and gift cards to the Leesburg Catholic Charities food bank to help thousands of Loudoun’s most food needy. We all are now faced with new challenges. The Covid 19 virus is affecting every part of our society, including the cancellation of Masses at our respective churches, the increase need of those who are holding lower wage jobs who are not working, those who have had jobs but now are not getting paid. The demand for food has increased because of the above. While the food bank has sufficient food for the short term, they anticipate having to obtain more goods in the near future. While some will come from the St. Lucy Food Project warehouse in Manassas, their ability to meet the need is limited. Our Share Sunday/milk and egg collections are currently suspended but the need is more than ever needed! Please read below to see how you can help:

We beseech you to consider making a monetary contribution (gift cards from any grocery store and/or checks payable to “St. Francis Council 11136”) so we can make a payment to the Catholic Charities St Lucy Project so they can order and buy groceries online. Please mention “Food Donation” in the memo line of checks. We will collect checks to mail to the food bank on March 27th and then the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month until this crisis ends. Checks and gift cards should be sent to: 

St. Francis Council 11136
PO Box 1274
Purcellville, VA 20134

Thank you and God Bless!!

The more things change the more they stay the same.  What to do about indulgences?  In this time of a pandemic of the Coronavirus the Holy Father grants a plenary indulgence to the victims of the disease, the caretakers at home, and the professionals caring for them in the hospitals, standing in harm’s way.  Let us all pray for one another.



Dedication Corner for all the Parish

Dedication to all the hunters in the parish:

Dedication to Jerry and Tara McIntosh and all who live downwind of their chicken coop.

Dedication to Dan and Stacey Tuman with their herd of four cows.

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