March 21

March 21, 2020

Good morning, Good morning,

Today is Saturday March 21st.  Currently, plans are developing on how to address the possibility of starting up a parish garden that can offer fruits and vegetables for the food bank in Leesburg. Through the years the Knights of Columbus and others have been absolutely essential in assisting the heroic generosity of our parishioners in collecting food for the needy at the Catholic Charities Pantry in Leesburg.  Enclosed is a letter I recently received on the subject.  Please know, I fully support the proposal below and consider it a marvelous expression of our support for the suffering in the local community.


“Good evening Father Gould,
I know you have a lot going on with all the mayhem at this time, but I needed to get your blessing for this new adventure I would like to take on with my family.  I have spoken to Janice Rees and Emily Glass about this project and no one else seems to have taken it over.  The old DRE used to farm the area of land the church owns and the food was donated to Catholic Charities pantry in Leesburg.  
I volunteer at the pantry and know how important that fresh food is for those in need.  We are so blessed that Joanne Patton sends us wonderful fresh food from her farm Squire Oaks Farm in Lovettsville.  I have ccd her in this email as well as I am blessed to have her guidance on this project as well.  I have spoken to Emily Glass as I think the youth group helping out here and there with this farm would be a good lesson as well. Emily has agreed on that too.
I would like to suggest we call our garden program the Mother Teresa project. Mother Teresa is near and dear to my heart and she will guide and bless us on this adventure.  I have a wonderful plan and the pantry has a list of what fruits and vegetables they would like donated.  So with the help of this beautiful St. Francis de Sales community, I would like your blessing on getting that piece of land to use once again to provide for God’s children.
God bless you Father and pray to hear from you very soon.
Carie Losinski
Losinski Family”


With his computer savvy, I have asked Fr. Heisler to take the duty of oversight for the Mother Teresa Project.  In the near future he will set up a computer program where all interested volunteers can dial in and help set the plans for the Mother Teresa Project.   Of course, all members will be provided with, “John Deere Hats.”  You can reach Fr. Heisler at:    Please understand the Mother Teresa Project is only in the communication stages and will not become functional until after the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.  Not before.  Please, let everyone be careful.

The vegetable garden above is part of an extensive garden system that belong to the Missionaries of Charity, in Calcutta, India. I was stationed at this site, known as Tengra in the year 2000 when I spent a month teaching the sisters spiritual theology.

Now for those who may be experiencing a rise in personal anxiety, stress, and various pseudo sociopathic inclinations at home since becoming “shut-ins” please do not adjust your TV sets, you are about to experience the awe and mystery that reaches from the inner mind to… the Outer Limits.  The organization called, “Formed,” is your answer and is an exceptional website with many many levels of computer programs for learning and promoting the Faith.  Again, I highly recommend it for all at home.  For a Lenten Devotion I recommend the program for the Stations of the Cross.  If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with a house that seems to be getting smaller and smaller I recommend the video on Fr. Walter Chiszek, “With God in Russia.”  He was a prisoner of the Soviets for twenty-four years after being caught serving the underground Church behind the Iron Curtain.  You can reach the Formed programming by going to the St. Francis De Sales Website:    Please tap on the button in the lower left side of the screen titled, “Formed.” The program will walk you through the two steps in the sign-up process.  It is all free, no charge.

There are some good religious movies on Youtube, but will most likely charge a fee to watch them.  Examples of videos are:  Jesus of Nazareth; King of Kings; Ben Hur; Ten Commandments; The Robe.

Fr. Heisler has set a program where the priests and seminarians, at the rectory, will offer the liturgical practices each day: The times are:  Morning Prayer (7:30 AM); Daily Mass follows Morning Prayer, Monday thru Saturday.   Evening Prayer (5 PM); Rosary (8:30 PM); and Night Prayer (9 PM)  Please join us.  Sunday Masses will be offered at:  8:30 and 10:30 AM  (Nb.  The Camera updates in the Church will be set for separate streaming next week.  Of course, I am sorry, no one will be allowed to join us at Mass during the time of the pandemic. Please stay tuned.)

Here is the link for the liturgies and rosary:
Here is the link for the Liturgy of the Hours:

God bless one and all.

Now for a touch of Home:

  1. Dedication to all our families with several songs from our favorite tenor, parishioner, Mr. Mark Forrest:
  2. Dedication to our longest standing Parishioner, of 72 years, Mrs. Kassie Kingsley.  Flight Over Purcellville, Virginia… our home.
  3. Dedication to our parishioner’s away, standing watch.

As always, this begging priest asks your indulgence in your parish donations.  You can send them through the mail, slide them under the sacristy door, or sign up for donating on line.  If you choose the last please seek the following website to guide you.  God bless you.  We need every dime we can get.  God bless you.

The Ark of St. Francis De Sales is almost full.  Rex comes home next week.  John Paul Heisler and Caleb Magowan, Arlington seminarians from St. Charles Seminary, Philadelphia.  All the seminarians from St. Charles and Mt. St. Mary’s Seminaries have been brought home during the pandemic and have been assigned to the local parishes.  God bless them. –  We are glad to have them.  It is nice to see what the future of the diocesan clergy looks like.  Let us pray for one another.

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