March 18 – Adoration

March 18, 2020

Good morning, Good morning,

Credit goes to Fr. Heisler for the idea of setting a daily time for adoration from 3-7 PM as an adjunct to the regular adoration hours from Friday morning 8am to Saturday morning 8am. (Saturday will allow for adoration from 3-7pm). In our conversation on the subject I applauded his insight and asked if he ever had the pleasure of being taught by “nuns.” He answered, “No.” With that I offered a modification to the adoration listing in honor of the good Sisters who taught us to stand in line… quietly, determined by gender, height, or… alphabetical listing of names.

Mark Donofrio is the hero in this project by setting up the schedule for adoration hours with the alphabetical listing. Of course, please feel free to stop in during any adoration period but try to keep the number of adorers to ten. The other thing to remember is that from now until you meet the Lord in person you will always remember your day for adoration. God bless the good Sisters and all of our adorers in the parish. Let us pray for one another.

Please note: Adoration on Monday thru Wednesday (March

23rd – 25th will be in the school library. On those days the church, chapel, and offices will be tested for Black Mold.)

From Mark Donofrio …


One of the few practices we are able to maintain during the COVID-19 restrictions is, thankfully, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We plan to continue this going forward – with some rules / restrictions.

Beginning Monday, March 23rd, our Parish will offer Adoration DAILY from 3pm to 7pm. HOWEVER, the days for each Family’s Adoration will depend on your LAST name (to keep the church from becoming overcrowded and to ensure we have coverage each day). This will be the Weekly Schedule.  

Sunday      A-C 

Monday       D-G

Tuesday       H-K

Wednesday L-M

Thursday     N-Q

Friday         R-S

Saturday     T-Z

We need to be mindful of the “social distancing” during Adoration and ensuring that everyone remains protected and healthy throughout this period.

So, you may be sitting in front of the Lord in adoration wondering what to say to the Almighty. You might, “Alright, self, what does He want me to talk about?” Hmm? I am sure you will figure it out in time. But in case you want a boost. Consider these five considerations proposed by some of the parishioners.

  • Of course, one can simply walk the stations. Booklets will be found at last pew.

And if you have nothing else do than please offer a simple Ave for the bishop, priests, deacons, seminarians, and religious serving in the diocese. May the Lord send his angels to safely guard them from the temptations of the World, the Flesh, and Devil. Please pray that they may always be happy, healthy, and holy… with a touch of humility and humor, of course. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

On the lighter side, if you excuse the pun. The good folks of the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Department showed up at 3:30 this morning. It seems one of the candles in the chapel, once completed, flamed out and left a funnel of smoke that set off the fire alarm. There were probably ten or more fire fighters in attendance… and some, I noticed, were devout Catholics. Not a word of complaint when I expected they might have invoked some sentiment for the fires of Hell. This is the second time I have met them in the middle of the night and they acknowledged there were many other times before my arrival.  God bless them all.

That said, the large candles will be removed from our small little chapel. We might do better with smaller candles. And, if any would like one of the larger blessed candles to take home they need only give me call: 703-626-8113. But, please, please, please be very careful where you place them at home.

And last of all appeals for your financial help. I am a little more than worried that we are going to have a financial collapse in trying to keep the parish alive paying the bills. Yes, please, every dollar counts. I beg that you might submit your weekly donation through the mail:  St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church; 37730 St. Francis Court; Purcelleville, VA 20132. You can also make use of the electronic giving program suggest by our finance director, Amy Harrison. Or you can slide an envelope under the sacristy door next to the bells, on the right, when you enter the nave of the church. And if you don’t usually give anything on Sunday, we need you now more than you can imagine. God bless you, one and all.

Please remember a prayer for Mrs. Mary Jo Corcoran, matriarch of the Corcoran Clan. She broke a hip yesterday with a nasty fall. The folks at the Loudoun Hospital Emergency Room were most kind in letting me sneak in to anoint her. God bless the doctors and nurses in the ER, they are all kids, sitting in harms way with the Coronovavirus victims on the rise. They are the best.

As a side, do you know how many Corcoran families are in the parish? Six or seven, covering four or five generations. They are like measles. Every time you turn to scratch you find a Corcoran. God bless the lovely matriarch, Mary Jo.

As I look out, from my rectory office, onto an empty parking I appeal to the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph to protect one and all from the virus. We are now, all of us, “Shut-Ins.” God love you, and so do I.

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