Friday, March 27 – evening

Friday, March 27

Good afternoon, Good afternoon,

Alright little Virginia.  Let’s have a day where we have a letter that thinks completely Outside the Box of our experience at St. Francis De Sales.  Tomorrow, the letter will be all about Inside the Box.  Stay tuned for the Liturgical Changes due to the Church Camera Upgrades.

First.  The Pope offered a special blessing to the world today and it can be found on YouTube.  It offers a beautiful video for spiritual reflection.

Second.  Below is the Holy Week, Easter schedule of Bishop Burbidge that can be found on the internet. The report below also includes the directives for priests in their parishes… and there are a lot of directives.  Hence my statement in an earlier letter how the details for Holy Week/Easter seem greater than those utilized in landing a man on the moon.  Stay Tuned.

 Chrism Mass | April 9, 2020 (as recommended to Bishop Burbidge in the 3/28 webinar)
− Live streamed Mass, Bishop Burbidge: 10:30am
− The distribution of oils will take place at a later time. Please continue to use your current oil stocks.

Holy Thursday, Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper | April 9, 2020
− All priests may celebrate Mass on this day without the people.
− The washing of feet is omitted.
− The procession with the Blessed Sacrament to the place of repose may take place or may be omitted; the Blessed Sacrament may be kept in the tabernacle of an altar of repose or in the main church tabernacle
− The Mass may be live streamed but not recorded. Bishop Burbidge live stream, 7:30pm
− Parishes with two Evening Masses (English and Spanish) may live stream both
− Parishes may remain open for visiting the Blessed Sacrament after the Mass
− All who are unable to attend Mass in person are encouraged to pray Evening Prayer

Good Friday, Passion of the Lord | April 10, 2020
− A Priest may celebrate the Passion of the Lord on Good Friday with a single minister
− A special intention (provided by the Diocese) is inserted after the final intercession
− The act of veneration of the Cross takes place by genuflection/profound bow without kissing or touching
− The liturgy may be live streamed but not recorded. Bishop Burbidge live stream, 3:00pm
− The faithful are encouraged to place a cross/crucifix in their home during this liturgy
− Parishes may remain open for prayer before the Cross; the faithful should not kiss or touch the Cross

Easter Vigil | April 11, 2020
− A Priest may celebrate the Easter Vigil in the parish church with a single minister
− At “The Solemn Beginning of the Vigil or Lucenariurn” the preparation and lighting of the fire may be omitted, the Paschal Candle is lit, the procession may be omitted and the Easter Proclamation (Exsultet) follows.
− The “Liturgy of the Word” then takes place.
− For the “Baptismal Liturgy,” the “Renewal of Baptismal Promises” alone is necessary. The blessing of the font (when no one is baptized) or the blessing of water (without blessing of the font) may be enacted. The celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation and/or Reception into Full Communion should not to take place.
− The “Liturgy of the Eucharist” then follows.
− The Mass may be live streamed but not recorded. Bishop Burbidge Livestream, 8:30pm
− The faithful are encouraged to use a candle in their home during this liturgy

Easter Sunday | April 12, 2020
− This Mass may be live streamed or recorded. Bishop Burbidge live stream, 9:30am

Let us pray.  For our sick and shut-ins; and those who take care of them.  For our doctors, nurses, med techs, firefighters, Police, and members of the Sheriff’s Department. For the prisoners at the Loudoun County Jail. (They don’t go in harm’s way, they live in harm’s way.).  For the four priests of the diocese who are currently self-quarantined. For the many who are overwhelmed with new levels of stress and anxiety from being locked down. For the kids of the parish, witnesses to an evil they cannot understand.  And lastly, let us pray for each other.

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