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The Homeless Ministry thanks all of you for your generosity time and time again, for the Blessing Bag event (we bagged 320!). Each month we deliver to the Sisters of Charity Soup Kitchen in Anacostia, your homemade casseroles to feed 160 people, rolls for 160, salads and desserts for 160, as well as carryout containers and other much needed items. That is basically their needs for just one day! They also take drinks and Blessing Bags on a cart out into the community to share with the very large Homeless Shelter several blocks away. Your contributions help more people than we can count each month, and we know the Sisters count on us. At the Leesburg Transitional Housing Shelter, they are in a holding pattern of residents, they cannot accept any more at this time, due to the Covid 19 situation. But, our Blessing Bags are distributed (by them) to the true homeless population that reside in tents in the nearby woods. We hope the bug repellent, snacks, water and fresh socks are helpful to them in some small way.

We want to say THANK YOU to Glenn Willard for driving his car packed to the roof so many times to Anacostia (not a short trip), you are a great help Glenn.
This delivery of all of the foods for 160 to Anacostia, as well as Blessing Bags for 160, 16 cases of waters, 2 cases of paper towels, and so many more items, required three cars this trip, all three packed to the roof. (We did squeeze in one tiny passenger this time!) The Sisters are delighted, and very, very grateful.
****On another note, Catholic Charities Food Pantry in Leesburg is needing volunteers (must be 18 or older, or accompanied by parent) to sort and distribute foods. Many hands can help a lot there. They are open Monday through Thursday, 9AM til 2PM.
*****If you are aware of anyone in need of food assistance, Catholic Charities helps anyone from all religions, no questions are asked. You are entitled to groceries one time per month from them.

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