April 17

Friday, April 17th

Good morning, Good morning, 

And now to venture away from the letter of levity from yesterday to step into a very interesting anthropological problem for all of us in the lockdown.  Isn’t that an interesting word, “anthropological?”  Why not use the specific terms, “physiological or moral?”  Anthropological has always been an umbrella study that doesn’t necessarily draw us to a personal sting of accountability in the fields of physiology and moral issues.  After all, one doesn’t have to go to Confession for Anthropological resonances.  But one does need to hit the box because they eat too much (physiological) or am excessive in my behaviors with others. (moral).  But I digress. 

In recent weeks a number of comments in the parish letters have focused on the personal stress that comes in our current lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Personal, as applied to individuals themselves or collectives found in families.  We will soon enter our fourth week in the lockdown and we can easily find the levels of stress rising in the angry tenor in our E-Mails or social media links.  In Loudoun County alone domestic violence has risen over twenty five percent above the past levels of experience for this time of year. 

We should not expect the lockdown to go away any time soon.  The levels of stress may well increase in those folks leaving their homes to go to work, as first responders must do, or to go to the store for essential needs in order to survive.  Both causes/responses are external to our homes . There is one other element that affects the stress levels in our life… where we don’t even have to leave the house.  Sounds like the introduction to an episode of the Twilight Zone. 

Collegians and few others are aware of the impact of “Blue Light” on our optic nerves as we sit hours on end in front of our computer screens or high definition televisions.  Our very temperaments are impacted with the intensity of the blue light rays. 

 This letter is dedicated to our collegians.  They are the ones who, more than most, have been living on their high intensity computer screens since the beginning of the pandemic.  Blue Light?  What is it?  What problems does it cause for the individuals who depend on it in so many venues of modern technology?  What does it do to us that exacerbates the stress we find in our very homes during the lockdown?

“Blue Light.” Why are Johnny and Susie so angry during the lockdown?  The affect of Blue Light on our ocular vision comes from all directions. It is found in the natural light outside. It also comes from certain artificial light sources in our homes… including TV’s, Computer Screens, and Cell Phones. You need only open to your cell phone settings to find an icon for a “Blue Light Filter.” The issue for blue light affects our eyesight… and “sleep patterns.” Please pay special attention to the impact on sleep patterns. Some of us may have difficulty in sleeping at night due to… guilty consciences. Hmm? Sorry, once again, I digress. That is the priest in me in suggesting such an option. After all, I frequently sit in a “Box” to help people restore their souls so they can sleep at night.

Through our electronic viewing late at night we might find our minds overstimulated from the blue light experience found in late night TV shows, excursions through computer sites, and or reading a book on the Tablet rather than the paper edition. https://www.livescience.com/53874-blue-light-sleep.html

Over twenty years ago, during my days in the Arlington Diocesan Chancery, I would start my daily reports at nine o’clock at night… while watching the trial procedures of O.J. Simpson. Procedures that carried along every night for over a year. Each night for two and a half hours I was glued to my computer screen, at a distance of 24 inches and large TV screen, at a distance of 48 inches. All before saying my nightly prayers and going to bed. Yes, I believe my sleeping patterns were unwittingly affected by the blue light stimulation from the two screens… if not also due a guilty conscience on occasion. Hmm?

Now, please, let one and all understand that this letter from me is not meant to be commercial for “FloraGLO Lutein,” (a product of Kemin Industries.) But it should serve as an eye opener on how the venues of modern technology affect our lives. Following is a very good read on the blue light studies from the Kemin labs and as I highly recommend it I also applaud the Kemin research. www.kemin.com/eu/en/products/beat-the-blue

Why are Johnny and Susie so angry?  Let’s not be too quick to judge the cause of certain social maladies.  It may not be a problem with dysfunctional parents, psychopathic siblings, or the amorous loss of a missing Prince, or Princess Charming, due to the virus.  Stresses today can have subtle roots in technology and/or subliminal seductions… more on subliminal seductions another time.  Please stay tuned.  And let us pray for one another.

Parish Guardian Angels
Heads up to our elderly and physically challenged at home during the lockdown.  The Parish Guardian Angels, with the assistance of Fr. Heisler and his miracle computer have been meeting on line to discuss the logistics of reaching out to those older than 75 years of age.  If you know of anyone in need of a friendly phone call to see how they are doing please just let me know.  703-626-8113; frgould@gmail.com    Or, if you are younger and live alone and would like to make some of the calls please contact me.  We can use your help.   In all things, let us pray for one another.  “You Raise Me Up”  www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyEokxi2hWY 


Please don’t forget this Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday.   You can catch us on the church camera each day at 3:00 PM  (https://vimeo.com/event/31282)  On Sunday afternoon we will have a Mass for Divine Mercy at 2 PM.  Also on the vimeo website. 

Next Week, after Divine Mercy Sunday I am going to pull back on the nightly Confession Schedule and leave it to 7 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If the elderly would like an outdoor run at Confessions at 10:30 AM on Saturday morning I am happy to do it.  Please just give me a call ahead of time. 



And, lastly.  Please join with Fr. Heisler and the seminarians in our daily prayers for the health and safety of our families during the pandemic.  We have had four priests in the diocese called to self-quarantine.   We don’t know of any parishioners with the coronavirus at this time.  Let us appeal to the angels to watch over us.  May the Blessed Mother serve as advocate to all of our mothers in the lockdown and may St. Joseph watch over the fathers.  God love one and all… and so do I. 

Our Lady Queen of Peace…pray for us


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