April 1

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dear Folks,

On the somber side.  Yes, I know the air waves are filled with alarming stories of the virus and still we move on, carefully.  Both the government and Church are calling for the lockdown.  June 10th seems a long way away and it is.  As I have already lost one friend to the virus in Fauquier County I know all of us will lose friends in Loudoun County.  So far the angels are watching over us in our humble little home in the hills.  Let us fervently pray.

https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections   (You can break the charts down to your home states)



Heads up to the Senior Citizens of the Parish.  I will be hearing confessions Friday morning on the patio behind the classroom building.  For convenience you can park in the parking lot behind the gym.  Don’t expect for me to keep very you long.  I will start at 10:30 AM.  God bless you. The parish is taking on the image of a sacramental Costco… select hours for those who are my age and older.



Blessings go out to Mark and Mary Darnell.  Today is their 20th anniversary.  It was their intention to take a brief vacation to Hawaii but the pandemic held them close to home… for now.  Shucks, everyone knows a blessing in the hills of Loudoun County stands them higher, if not closer, to the Almighty than the beach along the Pacific Ocean.  I leave you with two images for them…one much older, I think.Love you guys.  Happy Anniversary and many more.You help to make the parish a wonderful home for all of us.


The other good news is that we have new baby born to the parish.  Young Eamon Patrick O’Brien.  Descendent of one of the great kings of Ireland, Brian Baru. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Boru  In their common infancy they, as with all newborns, probably looked very similar.

Welcome young  Eamon.  May you have a long, happy, healthy, and holy life.  And may you sing like the great Irish Tenor from the parish, Mark Forrest.  “A Child is Born.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ6ZJ9u1L1U




Today is April Fools Day.  Every country, culture, and continent, just short of Mother Teresa claims some connection to April Fools Day thus demonstrating the anthropological attempt to demonstrate that wit in its highest form and lowest level is rooted in all cultures.  My favorite story falls to the British, in 1701.  They referred to the day as the “April Fish Day,” In their jovial pranks they would hang a paper fish on the back of the one who was spoofed.  Introducing the concept of being “hooked.”  Have a happy day with your humorous ventures … but please be careful.  And if you are not… I will be hearing Confessions tomorrow.

Few of you may have noticed but the sacristans and their helpers, anticipating Holy Week, have covered the statues in the church.  Fr. Heisler waxed eloquently on the subject at the dinner table tonight.  Removing the sight of figures of the statues sets us with a sense of abandonment and longing for the Lord.  What a time that must have been.  He carried a cross that belonged to us and now in the current pandemic we carry our contemporary crosses of anxiety and sickness.  Lord please bring us healing and life.  Yes, Let us pray for one another.

In yesterday’s letter I submitted the beautiful video Fr. Heisler created in the sunrise over St. Francis De Sales.  Today, we close with his Sunset over St. Francis De Sales.  God bless one and all.  Good night.


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