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March 25, 2020

Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord

Good morning, Good morning,

On this dreary morning, of a glorious Solemnity, allow an insight on the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. There was a time in the early centuries where today was considered the first day of the year. The incarnation takes place on this day and serves as the bridge between the Old and New Testaments. What was promised to King Ahaz by the prophet Isaiah in the 8th century B.C. came to be fulfilled in the Room where Gabriel spoke to Mary.

“Therefore the Lord himself will give you this sign:
the virgin shall be with child, and bear a son,
and shall name him Emmanuel,
which means ‘God is with us!’” (Is.7:8-10)

Three months following this day of the Annunciation by Gabriel the Archangel, would be the birth of John the Baptist, on June 25th. John would later announce that he must decrease while the Lord, his cousin, must increase. The days following June 25th grow shorter while the days following the Lord’s birthday, December 25th, nine months after Annunciation, grow longer.

In recent days we have submitted to you the places you can review the readings of the Daily and Sunday Masses. They are offered again for your spiritual benefit.

  1. The readings provided on the website for the United States Conference of Catholic  It is quite simple in finding the readings of the day. There are also commentaries for your review.
  2. The readings provided from the website titled, “Laudate.” It is a free APP you can find at Google/Play Store. You can reach on your desktop, laptop, and phone. It is very good.
  3. The best commentaries on the Sunday readings can be found at: The Sacred Page.
Sacramental Schedule for the coverage on the Internet
Fr. Heisler has set a program where the priests and seminarians, at the rectory, will offer the liturgical practices each day: The times are:
Morning Prayer – 7:30 AM;
Daily Mass follows Morning Prayer, Monday thru Saturday.
Evening Prayer – 5 PM
Rosary – 8:30 PM; and
Night Prayer – 9 PM
Please join us. Sunday Masses will be offered at: 8:30 and 10:30 AM (Nb. The Camera updates in the Church will be set for separate streaming next week. Of course, I am sorry, no one will be allowed to join us at Mass during the time of the pandemic. Please stay tuned.) Here is the link for the liturgies and rosary:
Here is the link for the Liturgy of the Hours:
Now, for the sake of transparency, we are going to let you see the recent communique from the Diocese of Arlington Diocese pertaining to our current liturgical practices. The communique arrived in four parts. We leave you with the first part today. Tomorrow will be the statement from Governor Northam. The two days following days will deal with the actual services offered in Holy Week. Though, we appreciate the incredible amount of work in establishing the protocols we might fairly assume… it was easier landing a man on the moon than setting directives leading to the gates of Heaven. Hmm? Please stay tuned.
Dear Brother Priests,
On behalf of Bishop Burbidge, I am sending to you the revised guidelines for liturgical celebrations during Holy Week, Chrism Mass and Triduum, the executive summary and the Executive Order 53 issued by Governor Northam. As noted at the end of the recent webinar, the Executive Order did not institute a “shelter in place.”  Bishop Burbidge joined a conference call with other religious leaders from the Commonwealth of Virginia and Governor Northam last evening. During the call the Governor clarified that the 10-person restriction applies to places of worship through April 23, 2020. Therefore, the Bishop is implementing the attached guidelines for the Diocese of Arlington and thanks you for your consultation in the recent webinar.
Some further points of clarification:
  • For funerals, weddings and baptisms: The 10-person limit must be maintained at the celebration. We received clarification that every person physically present (i.e., priest, cantor, organist, etc.) in the church for the liturgy counts against the 10-person total.
Some suggested ideas:
  • Weddings – if possible, the wedding liturgy could be live streamed for those who cannot attend in person due to the restriction.
  • Funerals – if possible, the Mass of Christian Burial could be live streamed for those who cannot attend – OR – a small graveside service could take place with a memorial mass scheduled for a future date.
Please be aware that what is thought to be first COVID-19 transmission at a funeral and religious service in the Commonwealth of Virginia has been confirmed.
  • Bishop Burbidge grants permission for the celebration of a Mass for Various Needs or a Votive Mass on weekdays of Lent during the time when the public celebration of Mass is suspended. The Priest celebrant may determine the most appropriate Mass to respond to the coronavirus crisis. Some recommendations are:
  1. For priests
  2. For the sick
  3. In Any Need (especially set A)
  4. Votive Mass of a Saint
  5. St. Luke (patron of doctors; see Oct. 18)
  6. Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael (see Sept. 29)
  7. Guardian Angel (See Oct. 2)
  8. Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • It is permissible to record your live stream of the Triduum celebrations and make them available afterwards. The key is that these celebrations take place at the respective hours and not be pre-recorded for later.
  • The Bishop prefers that Masses be streamed live or recorded and made available on the same day rather than pre-recorded the day before.
Fraternally in Christ,
Parish Adoration Hours
So you’re sitting home asking where you’re going to take your best girl out tonight. Harris Teeter, or the gas station? What do you do? Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is available for one and all. The adoration hours have been extended during the Coronavirus outbreak.
Mark Donofrio is the hero of the parish in organizing the adoration hours for all of us. Please sign up for an adoration time slot below. Many many thanks.
The days for each Family’s Adoration will depend on your LAST name (to keep the church from becoming overcrowded and to ensure we have coverage each day). This will be the Weekly Schedule:
Sunday thru Thursday: 3 PM thru 7 PM
Friday: 1 PM thru Saturday morning: 9 AM
Saturday: 3 thru 7 PM.
Sunday          A-C
Monday       D-G
Tuesday       H-K
Wednesday  L-M
Thursday     N-Q
Friday         R-S
Saturday     T-Z
Sign up here for Adoration:
Special Notice to the Spanish Community. Maria Byrd has been a great blessing in helping to locate the Liturgy of the Hours, in Spanish, Many many thanks Maria. God bless one and all.
Dios les bendiga a ti, María, y a todos los miembros del equipo de St. Francis de Sales por llevar a cabo este proyecto de La Liturgia de las Horas virtual en nuestra propia parroquia.
Muchísimas gracias,
God bless all the members of the St. Francis de Sales team for carrying out this virtual Liturgy of the Hours project in our own parish.
Many thanks,
Fr. G


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